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Stakeholder Brands provides legal services exclusively to owners of intellectual property assets, creative properties, and entertainment works.​

Stephen G. Janoski, Esq.

Founder and Managing Member

[email protected]

Practice Areas: Copyrights, Trademarks and Branding, Entertainment Law, Litigation & Enforcement


Stephen has 30 years of representing companies and individuals worldwide in the clearance, protection, enforcement and licensing of intellectual property (IP), creative properties and entertainment assets, such as strategic filings to protect brands and related IP rights worldwide, and including in Customs agencies, which have resulted in well over 1000 registrations for companies and individuals.

Stephen’s experience in litigation, enforcement and dispute resolution includes: securing the seizure of counterfeit products, the shut-down of infringing operations and on-line Web sites; obtaining money damages in copyright and trademark infringement proceedings; awarded precedential decisions in inter partes proceedings; successful arbitration proceedings to transfer ownership of infringing domain names or Web addresses.

In the area of technology transactions Stephen has prepared and negotiated numerous licensing agreements and contracts bearing on the development and use of software and Internet commerce. Stephen’s practice has included obtaining many copyright registrations for software and computer related technologies.

Stephen works closely with company executives and entrepreneurs to implement best practices and pragmatic solutions for safeguarding proprietary rights and assets. For such clients, he also undertakes due diligence of the intellectual property assets involved in company mergers and acquisitions.

Stephen’s entertainment transactions have included: negotiated deals for cable television series; licensing and merchandising agreements; creative endeavor employment, work for hire and “talent” agreements; celebrity endorsement and appearance agreements; motion picture and merchandise “tie-in” agreements; life rights agreements; copyright registration of music, literary and audiovisual works, media programs and films.

Prior to founding Stakeholder Brands, Stephen has been a partner at both large, general practice law firms and specialized boutique law firms, where he has both headed a trademark practice group and chaired an intellectual practice group. Stephen started his career as a trademark examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Mr. Janoski graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received his law school degree from University of Baltimore.



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